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Rethink and Diversify Securities Inc. is a Canadian Private Capital Investment firm with securities registration as a Exempt Market Dealer. A leader in relationship based marketing, knowledge training, client care and adviser empowerment. We offer the opportunity to invest in asset classes and strategies that were not easily accessible to Canadian retail investors until recently. Comprehensive asset protection and wealth accumulation can only be found through intelligent and customized portfolio allocation and management. 

R&D Inc. focuses on providing personal wealth accumulation, investment risk management consultation, and solutions to individuals and corporations of mid to high net worth. We are strongly committed to professionalism, creativity and integrity. 

Our Difference

“Clarity and Trust through Exceptional Partnerships at all levels.” 

We are a C-TEP company. 

Our differentiation is evidenced by:

- Breadth of Investment Choice. We maintain strong relationships with a broad range of issuers to enable us to match your needs with the best products and solutions for your particular situation. Many options are RRSP and TSFA eligible. 

- Objectivity. We present balanced solutions based on a consultative needs analysis. We remain unbiased and neutral in all circumstances, except one — your needs. With this distinction, we provide more than a fair-minded opinion; we also act as a balanced second opinion for any of your existing investment and insurance programs. 

- Dedicated Service. We are committed to true client focus. Our registered agents build lasting and committed relationships fully supported by R&D providing professional investment management guidance and delivering exceptional client outcomes. 

- Advocacy and Governance. We act as your advocate throughout the relationship and follow strict fiduciary responsibilities. From the initial consultation, our objective is always serving your best interests.

Specialties: Alternative securities, Portfolio review and investment analytics, Insurance Advisory services, Risk management, Entrepreneur development, Investment and Insurance mentorship.

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Rethink And Diversify Securities Inc.

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