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Roger Grona - Business Consulting for Consultants - Canada and United States

Consulting Services for Consultants that want to grow their business. Roger Grona of Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. has consulted for many consultants (a consultants consultant) and has helped them grow their business and be recognized as experts in their field and how to get paid for it. His strategy will be customized directly for you! If you are a coach, consultant or specialist, he will help you grow your sales!

Starting out: Starting out as sales consultant can be challenging. Sometimes the advice you get is tainted, especially if you are asking for help from consultants in your own market. It’s critical to build a strategy that doesn’t look like you are in transition, nor give the impression you are consulting as temporary fix. Roger will help you with creating that image, strategy and messaging that will help you start off a successful consulting career. 

Going to the next level: Roger has experience in growing your consulting company. Either as an individual consultant or growing a brand. He has on many occasions helped companies grow from a single individual to large organizations (multiple employees). Your growth must pay for growth. Again this strategy is customized for you and your organization. He will help you trouble shoot to determine what your next steps should be for you. Discussing what is going to give you the best results that make the most sense for you as an individual. Your goals have to be able to match your lifestyle. Consulting should be a lucrative opportunity and should lead to so many more doors opening up. 

Creating other opportunities: Roger Grona is all about taking a bad opportunity and making it good, taking a good opportunity and making it great. In order to obtain the best results, your current brand strengths needs to have the proper bolt-on to your strategy that you can execute and deliver measurable results. Building your personal brand that people truly understand your expertise is critical.

Mentor and Advise: Roger is with you throughout this journey as long as his services are required. That could mean as short as a few months or it can be as long as it takes. This is about achieving your desired SUCCESS!

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Roger Grona

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Roger Grona - Business Consulting for Consultants

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